Immersion Q&A [Question & Artist]: Corrie

Immersion Q&A [Question & Artist]: Corrie

Meet Corrie Sullivan. We are so excited to host Corrie here in Brea for the very first time in our upcoming show! She was gracious enough to answer a few questions about her process for us to share with everyone. Learn more about “Corrie in Color”!


[BREA ART GALLERY]: What medium are you working in for Brea Gallery's Immersion group show? 

[Corrie Sullivan]: I’m working with different papers, like tissue paper, crepe paper and cardstock. I’m also looking into using some fabric elements like leather, denim and light fabrics too. I’m experimenting with these different mediums right now and will develop the piece around what materials work best together.

[BREA ART GALLERY]: How did you become interested in this type of large scale work? 

[Corrie Sullivan]: It was pretty organic how it all started. My friend asked me create an alter backdrop for her wedding and it turned it something much bigger than expected. This sparked my love of creating art on a larger scale.

 [BREA ART GALLERY]: Who encourages you to create?

[Corrie Sullivan]: Its something that has always naturally come out of me and hasn’t need much encouragement, as it just bubbles out. But my family are definitely my biggest supporters. My 3 daughters constantly inspired me and encourage me and my husband has always given me space in our live together  to create and pursue my creative endeavors.

[BREA ART GALLERY]: How do you think/want other people to respond to your art? 

[Corrie Sullivan]: I want it to make give them a sense of wonder and joy and just feel happy and uplifted.

 [BREA ART GALLERY]: Where else can we see/experience your work?

[Corrie Sullivan]: At the moment most of my art is being created for events and experience that are permanent but my goal this year is to create more work that will stay in a more permanent space. Instagram is the best place to see what I’m currently working on and seeing it at an upcoming event.

 [BREA ART GALLERY]: Instagram: the best friend or worst enemy of artists?

[Corrie Sullivan]: Best friend! Instagram has been such a great tool for me to connect with other artists, clients and freelancers. The connections it has brought me have all been so positive. It’s also an amazing platform for people to engage and see my art.

[BREA ART GALLERY]: What's your next project?

[Corrie Sullivan]: I’m working on several events in January and February. I’m also excited to collaborate with a shoe brand to create some great art for their upcoming launch. It’s a little hush hush for the moment but stay tuned for me!

The year is open and excited to see what comes my way and what great people and art I get to create.


Corrie Sullivan is an Irish-born designer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Aaron and her daughters Sienna, Scarlett and Indigo. She studied Textile Design specializing in embroidery in National College of Art and Design in Dublin Ireland. 

See more of Corrie’s work here.

Thanks so much to Corrie Sullivan for her time to answer these questions and letting us get to know her better! Be sure to check out Corrie’s latest work on display in Brea Gallery’s group installation show Immersion, opening February 9, 2019.

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