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How to Enter     

•    How do I enter Made in California?

You may enter your submissions online HERE. Click here for a Step-by-step guide.

•    Can I still enter the traditional (paper) way?

We will no longer be taking paper submissions. In order to save time and resources for both the gallery and the artist, we have decided to fully digitize the submission process.

Payment and Processing

•    Which payment options do you offer/how do I pay?

Our online system uses PayPal to process payments. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay, just a major debit or credit card.

•    Will I receive a payment confirmation/receipt?

Once your submission has been completed, you will receive an email in which you can review your entry details. Additionally, PayPal will send you an email receipt of your payment. Keep these for reference so that you may notify the gallery of any issues.

•    If my work is not accepted into the exhibition, do I get my money back?

Unfortunately no, there are no refunds on the entry fees.


•    I want to submit work for both the juried show and the solo show opportunity, is this possible?

Yes, you may submit to both categories using the appropriate form(s) on our home page HERE.

•    I entered works into last year’s show but was not accepted, can I enter those same works again?

Yes, as long as the work has been made within the last three years and has not been exhibited in the Gallery before.

•    Will I receive notification that my entries have been received?

Yes, once your submission has been completed, you will receive an email in which you can review your entry and payment details.

•    Can I save my form to complete at a later date?

You may save your entry form at any time to complete at a later date by clicking on the ‘save’ icon on the bottom of the form. You will then be prompted to input your email, a link will then be sent so that you may finish your form at a later time.

•    Why do my images need to be at least 300dpi? What does dpi mean?

Dpi refers to the number of pixels that an image has, meaning the quality of the image. We require that submitted images be 300dpi so that they are high enough quality for the jurors to be able to see the quality and craftsmanship of the artwork. Also, all accepted works are eligible to be used for marketing and publicity, so the images of the work need to be a high enough resolution to be used for print and digital media. Additionally, when selecting a photo to enter, please make sure the image is of high quality and that it best represents your artwork. Images that are blurry, improperly cropped or rotated, etc. can affect the final scoring decision.

•    How do I label my images/files? Which types of files are accepted? Is there a size limit?

Images and files must be labeled Last Name First Name_Title of Work. For example, if you were to submit a jpg image, the file would be titled: McFly Martin_Hoverboard Prototype.jpg. Accepted file types are jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, zip, wma, mpg, flv, and avi; maximum size per file is 2MB.

•    What if my video file is larger than 2MB?

Video submissions must provide a link to a Vimeo, Youtube, or other site that hosts your video in the ‘Special Instructions’ portion of the form. Additionally, a still image of your video must be provided in the file upload section of the form.

•    What if my piece is 3 dimensional/requires detail images?

Additional detail images of work are allowed only if they are necessary and must be labeled accordingly.

•    Is there a size/weight limit?

All wall pieces should not exceed 96” in height and should not weigh more than 100lbs.

•    On the entry forms, it asks for ‘dimensions’, does that mean framed or unframed?

Simply include the framed size of your piece, if it is not yet framed, please just include your best guess as to what it will be (typically 4”-8” larger than the unframed size).

Solo Show Submission

•    What exactly is the ‘Solo Show Award’?

We began offering a Solo Show Award as an opportunity for one artist to exhibit a body of their work in a small room of the gallery, separate from the rest of the juried exhibition. This honor is bestowed on one artist who submits a successful, cohesive body of work. This artist will also have a separate show announcement post card designed for them.

•    What happens if my work is not selected for the Solo Show?

If your body of work was not selected for the solo show, each piece will be considered individually to be accepted into the juried portion of the exhibition.

•    If I submit a body of work for consideration for the Solo Show Award, will I have to show exactly those pieces or can I switch some out later?

When a body of work is selected for the Solo Show, the Gallery will contact the artist to discuss their work in terms of number, size, and layout. Artists may be asked to include more or less pieces than were originally submitted.


•    When will I be notified about getting into the show? Will I be notified even if I do not get accepted into the show?

Notifications will be sent out on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. Everyone who submitted entries will be notified one way or another. If you do not see a notification email by Friday, March 22nd, 2019, check your spam/junk folders in your email. If you did not receive a notification email, you may call the Gallery to request the status of your entries. Please do not call before Thursday, March 21st, as the final jurying results will not be available until then.

•    Is there any reason that my work could be disqualified?

  1. If your artwork does not match the submitted image in content or quality, or does not adhere to the conditions laid out in the prospectus, the piece(s) will be returned at the artist’s expense.
  2. If you submit work under the ‘Brea Resident’ category and you do not in fact live in Brea, California; or if you submit multiple works under this category.
  3. After being selected and accepting the terms, you may not sell, loan, or pull your selected work from the exhibition. Failure to abide by the terms will result in your disqualification and an inability to enter future MICA exhibitions for the next 1-3 years.

•    My artwork requires specific hanging instructions, how do I provide this information? Do I need to provide my own supplies?

You may briefly describe your installation needs in the “Special Instructions” box on the submission form. If further explanation is needed, contact the gallery to discuss installation requirements. Anything besides standard screws needed to hang a piece of artwork is required to be provided by the artist.

•    I don’t know how to price my artwork, will the Gallery help me with that?

The Gallery does not offer pricing assistance but we encourage each artist to consider factors such as cost of supplies, amount of time spent making the work, the selling price of similar works being made, and what amount you would feel satisfied receiving in return for your artwork. Please keep in mind that the Gallery takes a 30% commission on all works sold during the exhibition.

•    Can I change the price of my artwork after I have submitted my entries?

You can only change the price of your artwork prior to the entry deadline. Once the deadline has passed, no further edits can be made. Contact the gallery via email at breagallery@gmail.com or phone (714) 990-7731 to do so.

•    What if I do not want to sell my work?

If you are not interested in selling your artwork, simply select ‘No’ on the appropriate section of the entry form.

•    I cannot pick up my work on the designated day.

If you are unable to pick up your work on the designated day, you must contact the gallery to make alternate arrangements prior to June 28th, 2019. Failure to notify the gallery of schedule conflicts will incur a storage fee of $15 per day to be paid by the artist. Work left in the Gallery for more than 30 days is subject to disposal.

Website Troubleshooting

•    When I try to go to the website to enter, the page does not come up, what’s wrong?

Please be sure to check that you are entering in the URL correctly. It is http://www.breaartgallery.com/mica19 when in doubt, simply click one of our links to navigate you to the website.

•    After I submitted my entry, I realized that that I made a mistake/forgot something, can I change it?

If you need to make edits to your entry, please notify Gallery Staff via email at breagallery@gmail.com or phone at (714) 990-7731. Entries can only be amended prior to the deadline.